Arusha National Park

Discover and explore the diversity of Arusha National Park!

The Park is nested on the foothills of Mount Meru, the Africa's most beautiful volcanoes and fifth highest peak.
Only 45 minutes' drive from Arusha City centre, one find this beautifully Park. Mount Meru makes ideal high-altitude acclimatization warm up before conquering Kilimanjaro.

The Park offer way too much attractions compared to its area

The unforgiving landscapes of Mount Meru and Ash cone, scenic view of Momella Lakes, tropical forest glades, Ngurdoto Crater are just a few.

Visitors to this Park will have opportunities to do game viewing, do a horse ride, climb mount Meru as well as do organized walks with a ranger! Located just a short drive from Arusha and Moshi. Arusha National Park is Tanzania's most accessible national park and the perfect place for a day trip or as the first or last stop on a longer itinerary. At just 552 square kilometres, it's a small park with a lot to see.

With diverse wildlife that includes herbivores such as elephants, hippos, buffalo, zebra, and even the occasional wildebeest, Arusha National Park is also a perfect place to get out and stretch your legs - with both walking safaris and canoe safaris available within the park.

Arusha National Park is also home to the world's largest population of giraffes, making it a great place to visit for fans of these long-necked, beautiful animals.

Arusha National Park boasts a broad variety of landscapes, ranging from open savannah through acacia scrubland to rainforest and, eventually, to alpine conditions on the higher reaches of Mt. Meru.