Njoro Forest Day Trip


Forest Hike at Rau Forest Reserve – Explore the Magical Forest near Moshi in a Day.
This is a nature forest hike to the Rau forest reserve which is one of the attractions found in the Moshi lowland. The reserves is an underground water forest which is well known for its important catchment values as it host not only a numbers of Natural spring but also some valuable tree species and animal species especially two species of moneys namely black and white colubus monkeys (Collubus Guezzera) and blue monkeys.

Another species which can be observed while walking in the forest includes various species of butterfly dik-dik (rarely in some parts of the forest) squirrels as well as some forested bird species.

Also the forest is very famous and well known to the locals who inhabited the surroundings for many years and who has been using the forest not only for their daily survive and firewood collections but also for the rituals purposes. This is evidenced and can be observed by visiting one of the huge and oldest tree of East African teak (Milicia excelsa) or Mvule mkuu as its called by locals.

The tree is used by the traditional healers from the nearby communities for Rituals and medicinal purposes using the bark of the tree. Some peoples believe that the tree can be used to chase away the evil spirit.

The forest walk also involves visiting and if interested taking part in our conservation initiative on either spending 30-45 minutes in our tree nurseries watering and managing young seedlings or plant some trees to help conserving the forest.

From the edge of the forest in the southern part the hike can be extended to the rice farms where the local farmers conduct irrigation farming system to more than 3000 ha of rice plots.

The cultivated plots makes the forest and overall plains not only more beautiful and very attractive greenish but also one of the important feeding ground to more than 20 migratory bird species coming to feed in the waterlogged vegetation.

Therefore if you have interest in bird this can be the perfect place. Some bird species which can be observed includes storks, jacanas, ibises, egret, heroine and many others depending on the seasons.

Finally the walk is finished by enjoying the delicious and hot local lunch with local varieties at mamas place just few meters from forest main entrance.

Tour duration: Full day tour 6-8 hrs.  Tour includes guiding, entrance fees and lunch.